Let us take this Opportunity, in assisting you, to see the advantages in choosing, Discount Home Painters, for your next decorating project

Our 100% Total Customer Satisfaction, success story, for over 30+ Years, making Homes Beauitful and "NEW" in the TORONTO Area, are due to providing our clients with honest, informative, straight talking advice, superior customer experience of outstanding care, services, and repairs that surpasses their requirements and expectations, all at an economical price.

Our long lasting customer satisfaction and trust has always been most important to us and has been our continuing trademark to providing you the best in lasting Quality and Service

  • Inside or out, create new life in your space with colours you love. Whether you prefer bright and vibrant, earth tones, muted or sophisticed colours our Painting Services are the perfect choice to assist you to create the right look for your taste, home, and budget. We are the Specialist for Interior and Exterior painting, staining, repairs, or any other of your decorating needs. ( see ... Services .. for details )






  • We provide you the best bang for your buck that will boost your home's value and health, all done for an exceptionally, reasonable price, to our legendary higher standards of quality work, higher performing materails and great services.
  • Our staff will be happy to assist you to love the place you live by obtaining the perfect end result, to showcase your colours as well as improve and protect your investment in your property's value and beautification.

Discount Home Painters is Toronto area's leading paint and decorating service provider that can illustrate to you how clean, and trouble-free it is working with our experienced dedicated professionials.

Our Guarantee Quality .. Home Protection Program ... We stand behind our work, products, and services with a Guarantee and Reputation of High Quality, that we have always stood for thoughout our many years of satisfying our customer's needs ... The High Standards, that our clients have grown to trust, depend on and to expect . .A Job of providing Fine, Clean, High-Quality Craftmanship, Premium Products, doing it right, for any of your Interior or Exterior projects . Call on us to get you that, new fresh start and great looks. We protect your investment as we, repair, re-finish, make over, and re-fresh your decorating projects, with the look of New, BiG or small, for your House, Condo, Apartment, Office, or Business (Contact Us for details )

  • Experience the Greater Difference
    We can do for You ... at a GREAT Price
  • the Superior Customer Experience
  • Taking the Old & Transforming it to "NEW"
    - SENIOR's - Discount - We Work Nights - (if needed)


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